The first coin offering platform is home to a very broad spectrum of such a unique startups. Some of these platforms are extremely successful, some are less so, and a few are really weird. In this article, we will take a look at Bananacoin, one of the strangest ICOs to launch in recent months.

What’s BananaCoin?

The BananaCoin ICO is centered on developing a brand new Ethereum-based token that is tied to the price of a single kilogram of bananas on the international sector. Although this may seem entirely peculiar initially, looking deeper to the core assumption of this Bananacoin platform shows there is a method to its madness.

The core goal of the Bananacoin system is to enlarge the size of this Bananacoin plantation, which is now sized at around 100 hectares.Bananacoin aims to increase plantation holdings in the Vientiane province of Lao PDR, with the end goal of exporting “Lady Finger” bananas- that the most lucrative banana breed in the world- to neighboring China.

Bananas, surprisingly, are a good investment from a technical analysis standpoint. Within the last 7 years, the global price of one kilogram of bananas has improved by between 4 percent and 10 percent each year, making bananas a relatively stable investment.

The Bananacoin Token

Bananacoin, or BCO, is an Ethereum based token, which may be kept in almost any Ethereum wallet. The price of the BCO is going to be tied into the global price of a single kilogram of bananas. Banancoins won’t merely function as a tradable asset, but also provide owners with gain share in the Bananacoin project implementation.

The Banancoin team is lead by a group of Russian entrepreneurs, and supported by an exhaustive and comprehensive white paper. The Banancoin token pre-sale has concluded, successfully selling one million tokens. A personal sale, that is now underway, may be joined through the platform site.

BananaCoin Verdict

Although the core premise of Banancoin may sound strange, it’s backed by solid financial planning and intentions to corner a current and profitable market. If you are considering ICOs that goal to destabilize real estate commodity businesses, the Banancoin ICO is definitely worth a look.

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