Discover What Prostate Cancer Causes Are

Many people are questioning with the causes of prostate cancer, but the true causes of the disease are unknown. There are risk factors that may affect the occurrence of prostate cancer, which are age, genetics, hormones, and environmental factors such as toxic chemicals, and industrial products.


Prostate cancer incidence would increase with age. Male under the age of 40 is very rare to have this cancer, generally, prostate cancer is found in men aged 50-70 years.

Genetics and Race

The genetic factor is often referred to become prostate cancer causes. Black American men have a higher risk for prostate cancer than Japanese or American white male. Environment, diet, and other factors can also be prostate cancer causes by modifying the genetic tendencies. For example, Japanese men who living in Japan are rare to have prostate cancer, but when they moved to America, the incidence of prostate cancer could be increased significantly.


The presence of family members who suffer prostate cancer can become a risk factor or causes factor for another male family member to suffer prostate cancer. Thus, a person whose father, grandfather, or even uncle have a prostate cancer will be at higher risk for prostate cancer also.


Testosterone can also become the prostate cancer causes. This male hormone would directly stimulate the growth of normal prostate tissues and prostate cancer cells. Not surprisingly, if these hormones are expected to be involved as causes or triggers of prostate cancer. Reducing production of testosterone are effective in inhibiting the prostate cancer growth.


Dietary factors and habits such as smoking and eating foods that contain saturated fats have a tendency to trigger and cause prostate cancer. Additional elements or toxins in the environment or from industrial sources may also be prostate cancer causes, but it is still not clearly identified.

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