Anxiety Attack Symtoms

Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Men

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Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Men

Anxiety is something that many people from all over the world experience at one point or another in their lives; however if you find that you are feeling overly anxious on a regular basis, you may just be suffering from anxiety disorder. This form of the disorder is much different from anxiousness and nervousness and if you find that you are feeling overly anxious then you will want to look into the situation. When you are suffering from anxiety disorder the feeling of anxiousness and nervousness will turn into something that is beyond your control.

Anxiety can become so serious that it causes you to lose touch with the world and if you are a man, anxiety attack symptoms in men are not really that different from those that women experienced.

So what exactly are the anxiety symptoms in men?

There are some cognitive disruptions:

A cognitive disruption is a common form of anxiety attack symptom that men tend to experience when they are experiencing anxiety. You may experience, anxiousness, fearfulness, edginess, irritability, nervousness, and some edginess as well. While the psychological state that you end up in when you are experiencing an anxiety attack comes and goes from time to time, it is a very excessive force and it will focus on only certain areas of your life and will distract your thoughts and make it hard for you to function on a day to day basis.

Disruptions in your sleep pattern are also another anxiety attack symptom that men face:

If you have been experiencing panic attacks in the form of edginess, nervousness, and anxiousness, you will be extremely preoccupied with things floating around in your head and when this happens, it will cut into your sleep, which leads to insomnia.


The feeling of exhaustion and fatigue is also very common when you are suffering from anxiety attacks. These feelings are brought on by your lack of sleep and by the effects that overall emotion has placed on your body. There is often a stimulus that is triggering a form of emotional response, which in turn causes the release of hormones like Cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. Fatigue will at times lead to your heart racing, a rise in your blood pressure, your muscles will tense at times and this all happens as your body gets ready to take flight or fight.

As a man, when you are suffering from anxiety, you must not stress over the problem because this will only make it worse. Keep in mind that you are not alone and visit a doctor and get some help.